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I remember at age 10 riding my bike with no hands through the woods of my northern New Jersey hometown while banging out, with sticks on handlebars, a rhumba rhythm I had just learned from my teacher, Frank Marapodi.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, my life-time fascination with rhythm was locked in for good. I also remember meeting Buddy Rich at a young age.  And I certainly haven’t forgotten, years later in college, when the late great Stan Getz complimented my drumming.

Based in San Francisco, CA, I’ve been drumming professionally for more than 30 years, performing and/or recording with bands and artists such as Ape, YellowWood Junction, Dark & Stormy, Matt Nathanson, Ned Evett, Tim Westergren, Lane Murchison, James Nash, Jamie Clark, and more.  I’ve shared stages with Santana, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Ben Harper, Dragon Smoke, Blondie, Everlast, Mick Taylor, Dave Alvin, Link Wray, Laika and the Cosmonauts and others.  I studied under David Garibaldi.

When not behind the kit, I’m exploring sounds and rhythms on my diverse collection of percussion instruments – Latin, African, Middle Eastern – or diving deep into composing multi-track drum and percussion grooves.  I’ve designed and recorded rich layered rhythm tracks for movie soundtracks and commercials, and have developed groove loops for E-Mu System sound libraries and their Planet Earth sound module.

As a member of the DW Artist Roster, Kevin endorses Drum Workshop drums, pedals and hardware. Click here to learn more about DW Drums.

“Where speech fails then music begins. It is the natural medium for the expression too strong and deep to be expressed in words.”


—Charles W. Landon, Music Educator

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